I need to clean the siding and eaves on the second story of my house

Pressure washing works when the high pressure spray is very close to the surface to be cleaned.  Generally that means less than 2-3 feet away or closer.    This means to clean the second story of a house, a ladder must be used or extensions added to the spray gun or an extension hose. 

  • For 100, 200, and 300 (not including the discontinued 390) series models, we sell 15 inch lance extensions (PW3082860) for $6.95 each.  Up to four extensions could be used along with the standard Underbody lance (PW40811-$19.95) for higher clean capability.
  • For the 390 and above models, we have an 18 foot adjustable lance option:

18 ft Telescoping Lance  Kit for 390 – QC on hose to lance

ARTEL-18 18 ft telescoping lance $100.00
AL413F-1.05 Vari-spray nozzle $9.95
AL457-B 15mm x 22mm ¼” B adapter $4.25
AL553-B 14mm x 3/8” B adapter $4.57
AL-QC3/8B QC 3/8 adapter for QC lance connection $4.96


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