STANLEY SHP 1600 Electric Pressure Washer

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The STANLEY® SHP 1600 is our most compact electric pressure washer we make. Cleaning power comes from a universal motor and tri-axial pressure washer pump delivering 1,600 PSI of adjustable cleaning power that you can use to quickly blast away dirt, mold and grime to reveal a fresh clean look.

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The STANLEY® SHP 1600 is the best pressure washer to clean wood surfaces like decks, siding and fences clean to look new again with no need to sand, scrape, or paint. Safe to use on most concrete, stone and stucco surfaces. Pressure washing cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs and bicycles happens in minutes. Finally don’t forget patio furniture, garbage cans, pet cages, lawn mowers, outdoor equipment and much more.

The STANLEY® SHP 1600 comes with the gun, pressure washer wand, brass swivel garden hose adapter, variable turbo nozzle lance, extension lance, 14oz detergent bottle, 20 foot, soft flexible PVC high pressure hose, 35’ power cord featuring an auto-reset GFCI plug. Detergent is pulled from the onboard 14 oz. detergent tank (always use a pressure washer safe detergent). Total Stop System (TSS) which automatically shuts off the pressure washer when trigger is not engaged to prolong the life of the pump. Always use a pressure washer safe detergent. The STANLEY® SHP 1600 is certified by CSA International for safety. Like all dependable STANLEY® products this pressure washer is has a 2 year warranty and easy to reach customer service located in the United States.


  • Variable turbo nozzle wand
  • Spray gun
  • Extension lance
  • 14oz Detergent bottle
  • 20 Foot High Pressure Hose
  • 35’ power cord featuring an auto-reset GFCI plug
  • Brass Garden Hose Adaptor

Best In Class Features:

  • Brass Garden Hose Adaptor
  • Soft Flexible high pressure hose
  • Auto-reset GFCI plug
  • 2-Year warranty