I Can’t Remove The Lance From The Spray Gun

We suggest that you when you can’t remove the lance from the spray gun or find the lance is stuck in the spray gun you try the following.

  • To remove the lance from the gun, compress the lance into the gun and turn the lance counter clockwise (to the left). The lance will slide out to the gun
  • Sometimes the lance will not compress into the gun as it should. Spray some lubricant into the joint where the lance is attached to the gun. Now, try again
  • If still no compression, put the spray gun and lance vertical in an up-right position with the nozzle tip on the ground and push down on the spray gun. This usually breaks the lance loose and allows the compression to take place. Then try again
  • It is always a good suggestion to apply a petroleum jelly like grease on the o-rings on the lances and high pressure hose. This protects the o-rings from the elements and makes the insertion and removal much easier.

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