Pressure washer will not turn on.

The pressure washer started up for a second and shut off.  It will not turn on.

  • The short “start-up & off” (about 1-2 seconds) is exactly what the pressure washer is supposed to do when first connected and powered up each time it is set up for use.
  • The unit pressurized itself with the brief start up, and is now waiting for the trigger to be pulled on the spray gun.
  • When the trigger is squeezed, water begins to flow through the unit and the unit turns on with a high-pressure spray.
  • When the trigger is released, causing the water flow to stop, the pressure washer also stops.
  • Another way to get the unit started is to begin with the trigger pulled, letting the water flow through the machine. Without releasing the trigger, turn the unit to the ‘on’ position while the water is flowing.

In other words, the Stanley Pressure Washer is equipped with a Total Stop System (TSS) module. This causes the unit to run only when the trigger is pulled on the spray gun.

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