Power washer works fine with one lance but does not work with the other lance

The lance that does not work properly means it is plugged up with some debris in the end of the nozzle. The fix: Run the cleaning wire through the nozzle hole on the end of the lance. Tap the opposite end of the lance on a hard surface. Reattach to gun and try again.

If still not working, here’s the fix by each lance:

  • Adjustable lance – look through both ends of the lance to see if light can be seen through the lance. If yes, the reattach and try again. If no light, run the cleaning wire through the nozzle again, blow some air through the nozzle.  Check for light. If still no light, replace the lance.
  • Turbo lance – unscrew the nozzle from the lance. Remove the white washer from the nozzle. Inside there will be the a brass weighted cylinder. Run the cleaning wire through the nozzle tip. Remove any debris inside the nozzle. Make sure the nozzle hole is unplugged. Reassemble the nozzle with the brass portion of the cylinder facing up. Replace the white washer with the molded “X” of the washer facing up. Screw nozzle on to the lance and try again. If still does not work properly, replace the lance.

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