Pressure Washer Leaking Water Out The Bottom Of The Unit

In most cases this is not an internal leaking problem. The leaking is caused by water leaking from the adapter attached to the water inlet because the clear adapter is not seated properly. Water leaks by the threads and is projected into the unit’s case and water comes out the bottom of unit. The leak is caused by the filter screen in the clear adapter protruding too far into the threaded section which doesn’t allow a water tight connection on the water inlet.
The fix: Make sure the clear adapter is attached to the water inlet and NOT the blue/black adapter. To confirm the clear adapter is the problem.

  1. Remove the clear adapter, and then remove the black washer inside the threaded section of the clear adapter
  2. Now remove the filter screen from the clear adapter by tapping it on a hard surface or by using a pen/pencil to push it out from the other end of the adapter
  3. Replace the black washer and reattach clear adapter to water inlet
  4. Reattach the garden hose with the blue/black adapter
  5. Turn the water on at the faucet and check for leaking.

If the clear adapter is not the problem, contact AR Blue Clean customer service.

Sometimes water inlets break and begin dumping water inside the pump housing. You can confirm that an inlet is broken if the piece moves freely as it was designed to be stiff.
Certain units (AR110S, AR111S, AR112S, AR142S, AR383L, AR383SS, AR390SS) have replaceable water inlets for the unlikely event that this happens.

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