Spray Gun Trigger Is Squeezed Water Comes Out But No Pressure

If there is water flow when the trigger is pulled but no pressure, the problem is likely electrical. The pump is not turning on because:

Electrical Solutions

  1. The power switch was not turned on. Find the power switch and make sure the “—“side of the rocker switch is pushed down. “O” = Off and “⎯” = On.
  2. Next, make sure the power cord is plugged directly into an outlet and NOT into an extension cord. The directions do say not to use an extension cord.
  3. Each time the power cord is plugged in to an outlet, the Reset button on the GFCI module must be pressed down to connect to electricity.
  4. Check to see if the Reset button has been pressed.
  5. Confirm the GREEN LIGHT located on the GFCI is ON. For older units see 5-a below.

    Confirm the small plastic window below the Reset button shows RED in the window. The RED color is not a light but a RED SCREEN that slides into the window when the Reset button is pressed down. Because it is not a light, it can be hard to see in low light. If you are unsure, press the TEST button down. If the GFCI was set and RED was in the window, you will hear and feel a “click.”

    If you have this type of GFCI, past this point GREEN LIGHT means the RED SCREEN for you

  6. The GREEN LIGHT must stay on once the button is released. This confirms there is electricity going to the power washer.
  7. If the GREEN LIGHT goes away when the Reset button is released, there is NO electricity going to the unit. Try another outlet until the GREEN LIGHT stays ON.
  8. Now if the unit turns ON for a second or two with the Reset button pressed and the power switched on, it is working as it should. All that is left to do at this point is to squeeze the trigger on the spray gun and the power washer will turn on. When the trigger is released, the power washer will turn off. This is due to the Total Stop System (TSS) that only turns the unit on when water is flowing through the power washer. When the trigger is released, water flow stops which the TSS sensed and immediately shuts the unit off.

So to review, if the Reset button has been pressed and is holding and the power switch is ON, the power washer is supposed to start up for a second or two and immediately shut off. At this point all you need to do is squeeze the trigger; the unit will turn on.

Water Solutions

Too much water pressure from the hose can cause this problem as well. To check how much water is coming from your hose, you will need to do what we call a bucket test.

  1. Grab a 5 gallon bucket
  2. Disconnect the garden hose from machine and any accessories that came with it.
  3. Turn water all the way on
  4. Use a stop watch to time how long it takes to fill the bucket. (the bucket should fill or be close to full in 60 seconds. 4-5 gallons per minute is the target.)
  5. If you have too much pressure and the bucket is full in 50 seconds or less, turn your water down at the faucet until you can fill the bucket at the target rate (4-5 gallons per minute)
  6. Reattach hose to machine and try going through the start up process again.

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